Giving Chris Brogan’s Advice a Shot

How to Get More Done: A Recipe
For the next 7 days (Tues­day through Mon­day next), I want you to try this rit­u­al as close to the details below as you can. Shoot for all seven days con­sis­tent­ly, as it doesn’t help if you start-and-stop. Ready?


    No screens or radio after 9pm.
    No phone first thing in the AM.
    No news or radio first thing, either.
    Right before bed, a notepad to jot nag­ging thoughts.
    The will­ing­ness to try this for 7 days in a row.


    At 9pm, have a glass of milk or almond milk or water, and a very small snack (prefer­ably a small hand­ful of nuts)
    Go to bed no later than 10pm
    Set your alarm for 6am (no snooze)
    Upon wak­ing, take the first 5 to 10 min­utes and just breathe deeply (it’s total­ly rea­son­able to do just five min­utes – it took me weeks to get up to 10 min­utes). If your fam­i­ly makes this hard, hide in the bath­room or a clos­et (not real­ly jok­ing).
    Get a light break­fast with­in the first 30 min­utes of wak­ing.
    If you have the time, get in a 15-20 minute brisk walk or work out. What­ev­er your morn­ing will allow. If you’ve got to get kids ready for school, that’s prac­ti­cal­ly a work­out.
    Write down (or note in what­ev­er way you want) the most impor­tant 3 tasks you want to accom­plish today, or at least the name of the projects you need to tack­le. Not every task. Not your huge to-do list. Just 3 that you need to deal with in some way.
    You have 3 min­utes (total!) to look for “fires” in your inbox. That’s all.
    Com­mute or get to work, what­ev­er. The rest of the day is yours to exe­cute on.

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