Inspiration Found In Unexpected Places

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Inspiration comes to us in the the most unexpected places. It was during a visit to the coast with Thea on a rainy day in November that I happened upon the work of Ruth Silverman. Her photographs of nests–empty and set on a subtle background of gray caught my attention. The work, Little Homemakers, spoke to my desire of beauty and it left me wanting more. I could not spend enough time looking at the delicate and open narrative of the images.

The empty nests–once home to a family of birds now on display as framed photographs, bound to the wall of a home-design shop, struck me as simple in their presentation yet complex in their definition. It is this type of work I fall in love with, want to be surrounded by, want to consume it as if to swallow it in, making it part of me. The work, fresh and crisp, chilling to the bone as a winter morning ride, arrested my gaze and left me desiring and longing for more.

The empty nests are a reference to hard work, generations of knowledge, apprenticeships and protection. Home to a family of birds who have matured to an age of flight, have abandoned their dwellings for a journey and a life full of risk and adventure.

The nests symbolize the cycle of life to which all are bound. Like the lives that hatched within these bundles of carefully placed twigs, hope is born anew, with it comes passion and a renewed sense of purpose. Full of life, inspired by the nature of creativity and ready to fly, I share this birth of an idea about our inherent connection to all life and the adventures of the birds who left their homes for Ruth Silverman to photograph and I to see. Thank you.

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  1. Your eyes and mind are open. I enjoyed reading this thoughtful little piece.

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