Studio Portraits with Pets

Greg and Mingus

The two friends sat to me in the comfort of their own home. By shooting in a place familiar to them, Greg and Mingus were able to relax and enjoy the sitting. Below are my results.

Photography’s great difficulty lies in the necessary coincidence of the sitter’s revealment, the photographer’s realization, the camera’s readiness. But when these elements do coincide, portraits in any other medium, sculpture or painting, are cold dead things in comparison. In the very overcoming of the mechanical difficulties which would seem to restrict the camera, and does if one is not aware, and turns these apparent barriers to advantage, lies its tremendous strength. For when the perfect spontaneous union is consummated, a human document, the very bones of life are bared.

~ Eward Weston

2 Responses to “Studio Portraits with Pets”

  1. Brian says:

    My brother cleans up well 🙂

  2. I agree. Both gents clean up well. A very photogenic couple.

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