The Sale of a Print

Currently on display is my Picture Spot Series at the Harrington Gallery in Pleasanton. Just the other day I was notified that one of my prints sold. As an artist, I often work on ideas in the solitude of my mind, playing out these ideas over and over again in attempt to bring to the tangible […]

A New Series: Seasonal Pattens

From the series “My Familiar,” these images come from walking the same path every week. While walking I look to discover new things, things I missed from previous walks. Straight lines may not occur in nature, but patterns are everywhere. Accepting the challenge of working in series, I seek opportunities to go beyond the single […]

Grills – Overcoming the Challenges of a New Series

I’ve been thinking through a new series for quite some time now. I’ve been planing it around the West Coast National Car Show here in my home town. I’ve had this big idea of capturing the “Grills” of the old cars along with the grills of those who own them. I thought that presenting the two images side by side in book form would reveal a lot about the character of the cars and their people.