My Early Explorations in Photography

At an early age I was introduced to photography by my father. I can remember sitting (crawling around really) in the darkness of our spare bathroom where dad would work for hours making “color enlargements.” He also gifted me my first camera, a Nikon F something. I’d walk around pointing that thing everywhere, If only […]

The Sale of a Print

Currently on display is my Picture Spot Series at the Harrington Gallery in Pleasanton. Just the other day I was notified that one of my prints sold. As an artist, I often work on ideas in the solitude of my mind, playing out these ideas over and over again in attempt to bring to the tangible […]

Work Envisioned—Work Realized

I recently earned the privilege of showing a new body of work at the Harrington Gallery in Pleasanton’s Firehouse Arts Center. The work is not the traditional style of work exhibited in this space. By this, I simply mean, it’s not the type of work that sells and it takes a certain mindset to ‘get it.’ There’s […]

Confrontations: Artists and the Visual World

November 7 through December 15, 2012 Artists’ Reception: Thursday, November 8, 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm The artists will be available during the reception for an informal “Artists’ Talk”. This exhibit explores the contentious relationship between man and nature, specifically, our use and misuse of it and the detritus that results.  The marks and artifacts that remain […]

Interviewed by Brooks Jensen of LensWork Publishing

I was recently interviewed by Brooks Jensen of LensWork Publishing about my series titled, ORU kami. It was a great experience; talking about photography, inspiration and art in general. Below is the video from our conversation. I produced this video using iMovie where I synced the audio with a simple slide show. For more information […]

Interview with LensWork Publishing

Did you know that LensWork Publishing was inspired by the late Alfred Steglitz and his publication titled, Camera Work? I didn’t know that either, well not until I spoke with the editor and chief Brooks Jensen today. Both publications have a lot of similarities. For one, they tend to focus on photography for the sake […]

Dental Missionaries, Punta Gorda Belize

The mission of this trip was to document a small group of missionaries whose aim it was to provide both dental care and nutritional education to the people of Punta Gorda. The experience was one of a lifetime—the pure and simple warmth of the Belizean people is ever-present and forever etched upon my heart and mind.

Punta Gorda, Belize

The Toledo District is the southernmost district of Belize, and so shares a border with Guatemala on the south and west. Returning from a trip with such epic proportions leaves the soul feeling a bit empty and without. Captured here is the Belizean Landscape and its inhabitants.