My Early Explorations in Photography

At an early age I was introduced to photography by my father. I can remember sitting (crawling around really) in the darkness of our spare bathroom where dad would work for hours making “color enlargements.” He also gifted me my first camera, a Nikon F something. I’d walk around pointing that thing everywhere, If only […]

The Sale of a Print

Currently on display is my Picture Spot Series at the Harrington Gallery in Pleasanton. Just the other day I was notified that one of my prints sold. As an artist, I often work on ideas in the solitude of my mind, playing out these ideas over and over again in attempt to bring to the tangible […]

Inspiration Found In Unexpected Places

Inspiration comes to us in the the most unexpected places. It was during a visit to the coast with Thea on a rainy day in November that I happened upon the work of Ruth Silverman. Her photographs of nests–empty and set on a subtle background of gray caught my attention. The work, Little Homemakers, spoke to my desire of beauty and it left me wanting more. I could not spend enough time looking at the delicate and open narrative of the images.

A New Series: Seasonal Pattens

From the series “My Familiar,” these images come from walking the same path every week. While walking I look to discover new things, things I missed from previous walks. Straight lines may not occur in nature, but patterns are everywhere. Accepting the challenge of working in series, I seek opportunities to go beyond the single […]