Work Envisioned—Work Realized

I recently earned the privilege of showing a new body of work at the Harrington Gallery in Pleasanton’s Firehouse Arts Center. The work is not the traditional style of work exhibited in this space. By this, I simply mean, it’s not the type of work that sells and it takes a certain mindset to ‘get it.’ There’s […]

Camera Obscura

When a small hole is made in the wall of a dark room, an inverted image of the scene outside the window appears on the opposite wall of the room. The camera obscura, literally “veiled chamber” in Latin, at once simple and profound, focuses attention on the wonder of light and the sensory mechanism with which we perceive it. Enjoy the vantage point created in this room. Stay for hours, come back again and again, to watch the leaves, the sky, passersby, unaware.

Authority of Writing

I am interested in the authority of writing and its ability to define a truth and insert meaning into a work. I want the viewer to consider how the concept of any given work of art is inherent in the piece itself. However, I also want the viewer to acknowledge how the interpretation of the artwork can be altered by its author simply by adding a certain historical reference or “factual” piece of evidence in the form of a convincing statement.