The Sound of Language

Train to Münich (Munchen Hbf) — Language is such an amazing thing. Put more accurately, language sounds beautiful when spoken and not understood. When the language being spoken is understood, what is being communicated becomes the focus. When not understood, one hears only the sounds created by the words being said.

I currently sit here on this train bound for Münich listening to German being spoken all around me. I pick up on words like vier, schlaffen, and büch but they mean nothing to me void of any context—they are just words.

An elderly couple just boarded the train and it sounded like the gentleman said, “but we can’t put things down so…” What he said is irrelevant except that if I am not mistaken, it was spoken in English. It’s interesting how this provides me some comfort and unity with a total stranger to whom I didn’t even speak to.

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  1. It’s like listening to jazz then the musician makes a comment of two. It brings you back to the here and now.

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