About Lens Choice

My most common lens of choice is a a Canon 16-35mm 2.8 L series. This lens is remarkably sharp across all aperture settings and provides me with a great deal of flexibility when shooting wide and up close. Mounted to the front of a camera with a 1.6 multiplication factor, At it’s longest setting 35mm […]

What’s a Work Statement? Should I Write One?

I have recently produced a new series of work titled, Ornamental, and it’s just that, decorative. Or is it more? I could and have conjured up a statement for the work but does that change what the work is? This series explores notions of the intangible. What defines an object’s physical form? What constitutes a […]

Gifts a Plenty

Christmas is upon us and gifts are a plenty. But have you thought about giving the gift of fine art? In this rare form of gift giving you not only bless the recipient of said gift, you leave a lasting impression of quality and originality that lives beyond the season. Perhaps there’s something special right […]

Studio Portraits with Pets

Greg and Mingus The two friends sat to me in the comfort of their own home. By shooting in a place familiar to them, Greg and Mingus were able to relax and enjoy the sitting. Below are my results. Photography’s great difficulty lies in the necessary coincidence of the sitter’s revealment, the photographer’s realization, the […]

Inspiration Found In Unexpected Places

Inspiration comes to us in the the most unexpected places. It was during a visit to the coast with Thea on a rainy day in November that I happened upon the work of Ruth Silverman. Her photographs of nests–empty and set on a subtle background of gray caught my attention. The work, Little Homemakers, spoke to my desire of beauty and it left me wanting more. I could not spend enough time looking at the delicate and open narrative of the images.

A New Series: Seasonal Pattens

From the series “My Familiar,” these images come from walking the same path every week. While walking I look to discover new things, things I missed from previous walks. Straight lines may not occur in nature, but patterns are everywhere. Accepting the challenge of working in series, I seek opportunities to go beyond the single […]