Interviewed by Brooks Jensen of LensWork Publishing

I was recently interviewed by Brooks Jensen of LensWork Publishing about my series titled, ORU kami. It was a great experience; talking about photography, inspiration and art in general. Below is the video from our conversation. I produced this video using iMovie where I synced the audio with a simple slide show. For more information […]

Grills – Overcoming the Challenges of a New Series

I’ve been thinking through a new series for quite some time now. I’ve been planing it around the West Coast National Car Show here in my home town. I’ve had this big idea of capturing the “Grills” of the old cars along with the grills of those who own them. I thought that presenting the two images side by side in book form would reveal a lot about the character of the cars and their people.

Interview with LensWork Publishing

Did you know that LensWork Publishing was inspired by the late Alfred Steglitz and his publication titled, Camera Work? I didn’t know that either, well not until I spoke with the editor and chief Brooks Jensen today. Both publications have a lot of similarities. For one, they tend to focus on photography for the sake […]

ORU kami Sells to a Local Collector

Four images from the series ORU kami were recently sold to a local collector. Below are several images highlighting the final installation. If you’re interested in this series, more information can be found by visiting the links above. Also, if you’d like to know about new exhibitions please sign up for my newsletter, where I […]

Self Portrayed Projected Self

This work is about the way we find definition of character. As I sit here I contemplate my place in society-my worth. I question what role I play and how effective I am at playing it. I wonder if my work stands on its own and what it communicates. For the answers to these questions I read through various notes—thank yous, love letters, letters of recommendation and old birthday cards. I find many words describing my character, adjectives that praise and shed some light onto the qualities of my mind and feeling. I find definition of myself through the act of reading these notes.

Dental Missionaries, Punta Gorda Belize

The mission of this trip was to document a small group of missionaries whose aim it was to provide both dental care and nutritional education to the people of Punta Gorda. The experience was one of a lifetime—the pure and simple warmth of the Belizean people is ever-present and forever etched upon my heart and mind.

Punta Gorda, Belize

The Toledo District is the southernmost district of Belize, and so shares a border with Guatemala on the south and west. Returning from a trip with such epic proportions leaves the soul feeling a bit empty and without. Captured here is the Belizean Landscape and its inhabitants.

Camera Obscura

When a small hole is made in the wall of a dark room, an inverted image of the scene outside the window appears on the opposite wall of the room. The camera obscura, literally “veiled chamber” in Latin, at once simple and profound, focuses attention on the wonder of light and the sensory mechanism with which we perceive it. Enjoy the vantage point created in this room. Stay for hours, come back again and again, to watch the leaves, the sky, passersby, unaware.