Seasonal Patterns

Straight lines may not occur in nature, but patterns are everywhere.

From the series “My Familiar,” these images come from walking the same path every week. While walking, I look to discover new things, things I missed from previous walks.

Accepting the challenge of working in series, I seek opportunities to go beyond the single print and discover greater detail in the subtle thread of images connected by a strand of ideas.

Like humans, not all trees are created equal; each has its unique personality. Once I began this series about the colors, shapes, textures, and subtle differences of fallen leaves, I became more aware of the variety around me. Most of these subjects are not naturally occurring in the locations I find them. These trees have been grown, harvested then transplanted along city streets and walking paths to add color to our daily routines.

While few of us think about the physical and psychological tone set by these deciduous trees, they play a large part in establishing our sense of home, our presence in the familiar landscape. The shifting colors in the leaves are part of what marks the change in seasons. At times, the current season seems to linger on indefinitely. Were it not for the shift from leafy trees to barren branches and back again, I might wonder what time of year it is.

There are many indicators around us that we’ve adapted to when guiding the routines of our lives. Seasonal Patterns is just one such indicator and is part of my more extensive series, My Familiar.

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