This series explores notions of the intangible. What defines an object’s physical form? What constitutes a line? An edge?

ORU Kami

These paper sculptures display the subtle transitions from light to dark, giving an edge and shape to a previously flat surface. The paper sheet, scored with a single line, when observed by the camera, unveils a delicate complexity. The final photographs capture this transformation in form as they are rendered flat once again.

Auto-Injector: RiteDose

RiteDose’s technician-driven injection assist tool, the anatomically correct device, fits easily into either hand and provides a precise, systematic dose of fluid with every click, taking the guesswork out of the delivery process. With RiteDose, anyone can accurately dispense the precise amount of Chemistry(s), eliminating overdosing and inconsistent results.

Ophthalmic Positioning Apparatus

This invention is contrived to solve the various contours of human facial forms and the problems that arise when attempting to position the human eye consistently. This design provides an ophthalmologic apparatus capable of more securely supporting the left and right cheekbone portions of the human form while adapting to many sizes and shapes of the human face. The dynamic design gives freedom of movement to the jaw, allowing patients to respond orally to the questions posed by doctors and staff during an eye exam while having the positions of the eyes of the subject fixed.


Abstraction through boundaries creates intrigue. Can we extract original works of art through our own compositional decisions? Tight crops and compositional decisions generate dramatic visual structures.


Intrigued by simple forms against a blue sky, I set out with my camera, seeking discoveries. This series celebrates photography, focusing on form, structure, shadow, texture, rhythm, and reductive simplicity.

Seasonal Patterns

From the series “My Familiar,” these images come from walking the same path every week. While walking, I look to discover new things, things I missed from previous walks.

Accepting the challenge of working in series, I seek opportunities to go beyond the single print and discover greater detail in the subtle thread of images connected by a strand of ideas.


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Classic cars, like people, have a charming character displayed by their grills’ lines, shapes, and tones.


Kleantips uses a 25 percent copper and 13 percent nickel antimicrobial conductive fabric that allows touch screen use while shedding viruses and bacteria.